Crack treatment

Project introduction

Crack is one of the most common, easily-occurred and early damage of highway pavement. It almost accompanies the whole use period of highway and aggravates with the growth of road age. Pavement cracks not only affect the appearance of the road and comfort of driving, but also easy to expand the structural damage caused by the road, shorten the service life of the road. Asphalt concrete pavement cracks, should be timely sealing repair, or else rain and other debris will be along the cracks into the surface structure and subgrade, resulting in the decline of the road bearing capacity, speed up the local or into pieces of road damage.

How to choose the right products in this field?

Slotting, clean-up of cracks, use sealant filling, repairing roads, makes the sealant with the original asphalt concrete pavement good cohesion, forms the effects of the elastic expansion joint and stretch, which closes the road rain (snow) water and debris intrusion, delay and reduce the damage of subgrade, pavement breakage rate, reaches the effect of preventive maintenance; Slotting and sealing is a common crack treatment method at home and abroad. The main equipment used includes slotting machine, sealing machine and heat lance gun. The sealing material is a sealant (modified asphalt polymer) specially designed for the repair of cracks.

What’s the approach to these problem in this field which Doan’an can provide?

Dao’an machinery, after many years of construction experiences, the absorption of foreign advanced technology, continuous technical improvement, innovates and launches the 5th generation slot-irrigation products. Such as GD5X120, GD5X350 GD5X400J GD5X500, KD25 etc. Help customers in the construction process more energy-saving, higher efficiency, more stable quality, more safety. We will continue to work hard to launch a new generation of products to provide customers with better construction services.